SbC Cloud

The SbC Cloud is a cloud-based platform for configuring and managing cybersecurity-related functionality in building automation systems. It is also the principal method by which IT applications interact with building automation devices.

For Building Automation System (OT) Personnel

The SbC Cloud provides an optional web-based portal for managing BAS cybersecurity. It supervises on-prem SbC Appliances and Devices to provide functionalities including:

  • Remote management of buildings
  • Secure BAS device onboarding
  • Device authentication & digital certificate management
  • Firmware update management
  • Device backup repository
  • Additional SaaS features of Secured by Cimetrics

SbC Cloud allows the integration with third-party applications and platforms such as Padi to provide additional functionality and services to SbC Cloud-managed buildings. Padi ( is a collaborative platform enabling practitioners to work with their teams, vendors, and clients to design, install, manage and operate their buildings.

For IT Personnel

The SbC Cloud provides interfaces that allow standard IT tools to monitor building automation systems. It bridges the gap between the quickly evolving IT world and the necessarily slowly changing world of building automation systems.

Initially, the SbC Cloud will provide log data for consumption by SIEM tools. It will help IT departments manage user credentials and digital certificates in building automation systems. The SbC Cloud will also contribute to cyber incident response and recovery.

Accessing SbC Cloud

The SbC Cloud portal can be found at

The SbC portal uses the same Google credentials as the Padi platform.