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Boston based Cimetrics was founded in 1989 to provide leading-edge networking technology for the HVAC and smart building industry. As one of the first companies to market a BACnet compliant software stack for control devices and systems, Cimetrics is today the dominant stack provider, serving over 60% of the vendors in the building controls industry with BACnet stack technology for a varying range of hardware and OS platforms from microcontrollers to enterprise-class servers.

In 2020, Cimetrics launched Secured by Cimetrics™, its cybersecurity technology designed to provide the building automation industry the first device-to-cloud holistic cybersecurity stack built on the BACnet/SC standard. Secured by Cimetrics secures BACnet networks, provides a management layer for interoperable BACnet devices and integration with IT SIEM/SOAR security tools, as well as integration with third-party applications and services.

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  • Secured by Cimetrics™ (SbC)
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Secured by Cimetrics is designed as a full-stack solution to secure BAS systems, from terminal devices to zone and building controllers, all the way to a multi-building cloud management layer. Built on BACnet/SC, SbC creates a management framework of BACnet devices so they can be secure, managed by interoperable tools, and integrated with tools and platforms commonly used by IT and cybersecurity organizations.