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SbC Partner Program

Enabling the rapid deployment of managed and secure BACnet systems

The Secured by Cimetrics (SbC) Partner Program is designed for companies working in the building automation industry desiring to specify, design, develop, and deploy secure BACnet systems to the stringent requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s demanding IT and CISO organizations. Secured By Cimetrics

SbC is part of a program created by a collaboration of global OEM vendors and BACnet International to advance the adoption of interoperable cybersecurity in BACnet systems. The program consists of the deployment of BACnet Secure Connect (SC), upgrade and migration for existing systems, and implementation of manufacturer specifications, standards requirements, and guidance for the BACnet Committee and other organizations resulting in secure and manageable BACnet systems.

SbC provides a holistic approach to securing BACnet systems from edge to the cloud. The SbC Partner Program is designed to guide stakeholders through the steps necessary to transition to the future of managed and secure BACnet systems.

The BACnet Cybersecurity Roadmap


(Current generation systems)


(Near-term systems)

Future BACnet System

(Ultimate secure BACnet systems)

BACnet security paradigm

Security through obscurity.

Trust all connected devices.

Mutual trust between SC devices.

Device-to-device traffic secured by TLS.

Managed Zero Trust environment.

All network transactions authorized in accordance with sitewide policies.

For vendors using Cimetrics BACstac

Plan development of migratable devices and systems for SC & SbC.

Specify requirements for SbC.

Ease the deployment of BACnet/SC and leverage SC to prepare for SbC.Allow vendors to deliver SbC compliant systems, managed and secured to the requirements of IT/CISO departments.
For vendors using non-CImetrics stackPlan and design products and services to work with the anticipated future secure BACnet systems.Market products and services compatible with BACnet/SC and related tools from industry vendors.Market products and services compliant with managed and secure BACnet systems.
For channel organizationsPropose and install new and retrofit systems that can evolve into fully secured SbC systems.Minimize the complexities of managing SC systems as a step to SbC.Deliver managed and secure BACnet-based systems that address the demands of IT departments.


Components of the Partner Program

Members of the SbC Partner Program enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get access to regular meetings, updates, documents, specifications, etc.
  • Access to test devices for use in the SbC Lab in New England, on an online Lab, and in the partner’s environment
  • Be the gathering place for cybersecurity-related requirements for BACnet Committee and BI
  • Provide a way for member’s demo devices to be included in the SbC Lab network
  • Access to additional professional services for design, implementation, and testing cybersecurity products
  • Provide a liaison with BACnet International’s ongoing BACnet Cybersecurity programs
  • Participate in early access to Cimetrics products

Joining the SbC Partner Program

The adoption of cybersecurity technologies in building systems will be a significant challenge for industry players who have to balance commercial realities of how systems are installed, with the requirement to ensure that buildings are protected from all cyber-attacks. This is exacerbated by the fact that building systems last decades while IT-type cybersecurity systems change in cycles of 2-3 years. 

The introduction of a fully managed BACnet system, envisioned by Secured by Cimetrics creators will revolve around these realities. The SbC Partner Program is designed to help stakeholders navigate this process; to be successful during this journey and in the longer term.

To join the SbC Partner Program, please fill out this form.